Monastery and Church St.Francis

crkva sv frane imotskiThe present church is built of local stone at neo-romantic style at the ages from 1861 to 1881. The facade has three portals, while the interior boasts five altars.

The main altar, made ​​of white stone is the work of the Italian sculptor ArturoFerraroni. Stained glass windows are designed by the famous JosipBotteriDini. In front of the church, there is a monument to the builder of the monastery, Fr.StjepanVrljić, the work of sculptor JosipPoljan. MonasterySt. Francis was built in 1738. The monastery has a museum (archaeological collection, a collection of religious art, a collection of civic life and ethnographic collection) and a rich library. The Feast of St. Francis, is celebrated 04. 10. every year in Imotski.