Monastery and Church St.Francis

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The present church is built of local stone at neo-romantic style at the ages from 1861 to 1881. The facade has three portals, while the interior...


Green Cathedral

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Green Cathedral is popular name of the church at open air. Church is located in the village of Donji Proložac, along the river Vrljika.



Stairs of Imotski

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For centuries, the stairs are to be built in Imotski, this little town on the hill, to facilitate elevation and descending. And, they are always made...


Square Tin Ujević

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Main square in Imotski is dedicated to the great poet and citizen from Imotski - Tin Ujević (1891st-1955th). There is a monument Tin Ujević, which is...


Fortress Topana

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Monastery Museum

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The museum keeps objects collected mainly from the Imotski region. Archaeological collection contains items from Illyrian and Roman times found at...


Museum of Imotski

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Museum of Imotski is located in a beautiful building at the eastern entrance to the city, which was built in the time of the Austro - Hungarian...