Winery Grabovac

IMG 1236Grabovac Winery, located in the heart of Proložac, known for its recognition of the quality of their wines, received 1812 from the French (Napoleon) authorities. Family Grabovac offers a tasting of their wines of high quality, interactive presentation of wine production and the possibility of active participation in the grape harvest. Wine tastings are held in the basements and gallery space with direct views of the vineyards. During the tasting, except the wine, you have the opportunity to taste the homemade donuts, brandy, cheese, smoked ham and homemade bread. The range of wines that Grabovac family of products consists of red wine BlueLake barrique and BlueLake, white wines Pinot Gris and Kujundžuša and rose wine RedLake. In addition to the above, family Grabovac also products first Dalmatian champagne "Grabovac". We highly recommend those tastings, either through existing packages offer, either through packages that will be created according to your wishes!

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