Event Cvit razgovora

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“Wine creates eloquence” ... wrote long ago bard of Croatian poetry Tin Ujević. Many visitors of a great wine festival “Cvit razgovora” are convinced...


Day of the Town - Our Lady of Angels

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We are celebrating the Day of the Town Imotski 02.08. This date is very important in history of Imotski. At 1717, the successful Christian army...


Days of Ante Bruno Bušić

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Summer event in the 7th month named Days of Ante Bruno Bušić held in the village Vinjani Donji, near Imotski, the hometown of the great Croatian...


Event Actors at Zagvozd

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Actors Meetings in Zagvozd, named “Actors at Zagvozd”, started 1997. Actors are literally living with and from their audience, so the main square in...


Imo Adventure

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Imo Adventure- one of the most beautiful adventure races in Croatia, also called race" Seven Lakes ". Many racing teams competing in running...


Event Imotska sila

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“Imotska sila” is the traditional summer cultural event. Every year, this event begins July 4, the day of the birth of the great poet Tin Ujević.


Event Crazy night

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The day before Our ​​Lady of Angels and the Day of the Town, 01.08. we traditionally celebrate an evening that is popularly called "Crazy...


Carnival of Imotski and Ceremony of Bako

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During carnvial, "Masked ball", "Ceremony of Bako" and "An Evening of humor and laughter" are traditionally held. "Masked ball" starts to maintain...


Event Mandolin of Imota

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Croatian festival "Mandolin of Imota" gathers ensembles and orchestras from all over the Croatia and performances and players from other countries...


Days of Raos

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Event "Days of Raos", dedicated to Croatian writer IvanRaos, is to be held every year in his birthplace MedovDolac, in July. Every year on the...


Jumps into the Blue Lake

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Jumps into the BlueLake – an event of organized jumps from the steep cliffs in BlueLake, natural pearl of Imotski, which represent unusual...


Before Easter-The Passion of the Christ

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One of the unique events of this region is traditional show Passion of Christ one week before Easter.

The spectacle begins in front of the...


Waiters Race and Marathon of Babies

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Waiters Race of Dalmatian hinterland was first held 2002 in Imotski. It is held every second Sunday in August.

In addition to the competition...


Nativity of Jesus

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The dried-out riverbed of river Suvaja below bridge of Proložac becomes theater boards every year on the first Christmas evening. Proložac turns in...